Inspired by the strength, breadth, and determination of women-led protests in Iran, we, a core roup of Iranian jurists with expertise in comparative law and policy, transitional justice, Iranian law, and human rights decided to accelerate and consolidate our activities to support the people of Iran by incorporating National Assembly of Iranian Jurists (شورای ملی حقوقدانان).

The National Assembly of Iranian Jurists is a nonprofit public policy organization focused on democracy and justice in Iran.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the legal and policy expertise to support a secular and stable democracy in Iran and to secure the fundamental rights of Iranians.

To achieve our mission, our objectives include:

  • To educate the public on issues related to transition, justice, good governance, and government accountability.
  • To prepare the legal framework for an enduring transition to a democratic and secular society in Iran.
  • To work with experts and stakeholders to produce a transitional justice blueprint, which offers access to justice, enhances the legitimacy of institutions of government, and moves the society toward reconciliation and prevention of future violations of rights.
  • To uphold the inalienable fundamental rights of the people as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • To foster and promote a greater understanding of the democratic aspirations of Iranians.
  • To facilitate cooperation and coordination of legal, policy, and transition experts.
  • To provide a forum for provisional negotiations and agreements.

Vision Statement

We envision a democratic and secular Iran within which the Rule of Law and separation of powers guarantees the fundamental rights of its people; an Iran that is once again a bridge between the East and the West, bringing stability and prosperity to its people, neighbors, and the world.

National Assembly of Iranian Jurists

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